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Pyrroluria Unmasked

We love helping people with Pyrroluria. It is one of the most devastating conditions to suffer but also one of the most rewarding to correct nutritionally. Our interest in Pyrroluria stems from a handful of patients who came to us for nutrigenomics support and despite our best endeavours these cases still proved difficult. It was time to look at the pattern of expressing genetic polymorphisms from a different perspective. Thinking about our cases from the perspective of nutrient co-factors and promoters for these polymorphisms led us to a specific pattern of potential nutrient deficiencies. The most important nutrients appeared to be vitamin B6 and Zinc. We were astounded because these two nutrients are necessary for the support of over 300 enzyme systems in the body.

55128017 - brain blood clot medical concept as 3d illustration blood cells blocked by an artery blockage thrombus causing a blockage of blood flow to the neurology anatomy.

Brain blood clot medical concept as 3d illustration blood cells blocked by an artery blockage thrombus causing a blockage of blood flow to the neurology anatomy.

Enzymes are catalysts for chemical reactions that are crucial for life. Without B6 and Zinc we have difficulty making stomach acid to break down proteins for growth and repair. We have difficulties with methylation to manage levels of Homocysteine, make new DNA, to ensure appropriate cell growth, cell division and cell death (apoptosis). We fail to create myelin sheath to protect the delicate nerve fibres and ensure the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the body and vice versa. We may struggle to have a good balance of brain healthy chemicals (Neurotransmitters) to keep us sane and happy. We may have trouble detoxifying metabolic end products such as used hormones and neurotransmitters, extrinsic vitamins and minerals, drugs, chemicals and herbicides. When we add all this up over time we see health decline in many organs due to mitochondrial dysfunction. Sounds pretty serious huh?

So what exactly is Pyrroluria?

In a nutshell it is an almost unknown metabolic disorder and yet it is widespread in today’s society with as many as 30-80% (Klinghardt) of people with a mental health diagnosis and around 11% of the general population. It has a number of names and spellings to elude us further – Cryptopyrroluria (CPU), Hemokryptopyrroluria (HPU), Mauve disease, Malverie, Malveria. Abram Hoffer, Carl Pfieffer and D. G.Irvine are credited with the original research during their time as holistic psychiatrists. However the conditionseems to be less assigned to the schizophrenias as symptoms may be widespread. Typically we see a triad of Poor digestion, hormone imbalance and mood changes, with the hormone issues being more prominent in females. Please watch the video for more information and contact us if you would like our help.

Can I test for pyrroluria?

Yes of course you can and the cost is £50. This would be a simple urine test, but you do need to be not taking B6 and Zinc regularly. If you are the test may give a false negative results.
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