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NES health arose from the brilliant work of the late Peter Frazer, so eloquently written in his book Decoding the Human Body Field. Peter was a very clever man who looked at the body not from a process of biochemical pathways with genes that may switch on or off disrupting the flow of the body’s natural biochemistry; but from the perspective of quantum physics. In a similar way to how we use functional medicine to explain the interconnectedness of the organs associated with disease, Peter used quantum physics to explain the interconnectedness of all of life. This may be really off the wall for some of you but please hear me out on this one.

When you think of your body…

You probably think of substance; muscles, bones, organs and when you think of illness do you ask:

“What is wrong with me?”, “Why is my shoulder painful?”, “Why am I nauseated?”.
You are unlikely to say:

“My parietal cells are non-functioning” or “My myofibrils are misbehaving”.  

We see the body very superficially and can miss valuable chunks of information that can complete our health picture. As a result we become focussed on the biochemistry and what we don’t see is that at the fundamental level we are made up of waves and particles. In quantum physics everything is connected – the world is a vast web of interconnected relationships.

We are talking about mind-body medicine so no longer is the body a machine-like independent entity. Now thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes can influence our cells, organs and immune system. We can no longer afford to ignore this but if we embrace it how wonderful is that?

“All the information you need to heal is yourself right there………..we need to put source energy in”Peter Frazer

We can go deeper into the body, to the level of sub-atomic particles. Peter Frazer knew this and modelled a new model he called the human body field. He integrated physics and biology to reveal a new vision that became NES health – Nutri-Energetics Systems. The closest model to the NES is that of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Foundation Principles of NES

  1. The body runs on instructions. Every cell needs to know what todo and the NES system uses infoceuticals and miHealth to deliver instructions to realign and repair the body’s energetic operating system or the Human Body Field (HBF). We think about the heart as a pump, delivering blood and nutrients to distant past of the body. NES thinks of the heart as an imprinter, imprinting information on other organs via the HBF.
  2. NES can be thought of as a modern day homeopathy, stimulating innate and powerful holistic healing activation.
  3. It is a bioenergetic medicine – working at a level beyond the physical body, where the delivery of information to the HBF is said to unblock energy thereby rejuvenating the energy field.
  4. Symptoms of illness are seen as distortions or blocks in the underlying energy and information of the human body field and it is possible to analyse the holographic human body-field to identify these blocks to the flow of energy and information that may affect the state of our health.
  5. Correcting distortions in the human body field with infoceuticals may help return the body to homeostasis. This equilibrium may assist the body to use its own self-healing intelligence.

So you live a long way from Yorkshire…

It really doesn’t matter how far you are way from Yorkshire because NES scanning can be undertaken remotely. You can purchase a personal hand scanner from NES health and your first scan will be free of charge. We will set you up with an account and place the scanner in your shopping basket. All you do is follow the link that will be in your email box and pay. Instructions are all in the box for you to complete your first scan. As soon as the system tells us that your scan is there i will arrange to link with you on skype or Zoom and will share my desktop so we can walk you through your scan results. Once we have done this we will send you screenshots of your results with a help file document.

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  • NES scanning
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