Emotional freedom techniques

While we adults can feel somewhat silly or embarrassed about the use of EFT it can be invaluable for all ages. The idea of EFT is that you are taught to tap on specific meridian points. The Chinese knew about the energy system of meridian points more than 5,000 year ago so this is not a new concept. Acupuncture, acupressure, Thai Chi, Chi Gung, and Tui-Na are all forms of energy balancing based on Chinese concepts. Energy is all around us with the positive energy considered to be life-giving while negative or blocked energy considered to be a major influence in dis-ease, discomfort and pain. When the flow of body energy is disrupted some parts of the body may experience a shortage of energy and others too much.

How Does EFT work?

Sometimes we have negative feelings that are hidden from our conscious awareness. They may be suppressed emotions from way back that have been buried to prevent then causing us anguish. However what we don’t realise often, is that suppressed feelings can prevent recovery. In Chinese medicine grief can be expressed in the lung, anger in the liver and so on. It isn’t good for health to keep these emotions suppressed so meridian tapping or EFT can be a really useful tool. It can stop us from short-circuiting our energy meridians by unblocking the energy pathways to support healing. For our children with Autism it focuses movement of the arms and hands in a productive way to turn “stimming” into a more socially acceptable solution. Our children enjoy and need repetitive movement to regain their equilibrium so why not teach them EFT?

Reversing System overload

Under stress we sometimes experience an intense emotional surge that can debilitate us so easily. Our systems crash due to emotional or system overload. The solution is not to suppress and ignore these damaging emotions; it is to channel the excess energy by acknowledging and releasing it to restore balance.

An initial acceptance statement allows the emotion to simply be, without resistance or rejection. By accepting its existence the emotion can be felt and expressed safely. By tapping while accepting we allow the emotion to be released in order to diminish the effect it has on our health. If you would like to understand more about EFT or perhaps book a trial please click here.

How do we use EFT?

We like to use EFT as an adjunct to the other therapies we offer. Stress can be a huge part of the mix when we are trying to turn around poor health. You don’t have to be a crazy, off the wall individual to succumb to the ravages of stress. Acute stress is our survival mechanism but we do need to run off the excess adrenaline. We no longer fight the woolly mammoth or flee the sabre-toothed tiger; evolution denies us this when we need it the most. Instead we are surrounded by stress to the point where we actually don’t notice until it floors us. EFT allows us to channel the negative energy associated with stress into balancing our Qi to regain parasympathetic dominance. This is the calming, happy and restful state that will nourish, heal and regenerate our bodies. We need our sympathetic dominant state for survival but the two need to be balanced. We also use breathing techniques such as Heart Math and Buteyko breathing. So please do not worry if EFT is not for you.