Nutrigenomics and pyrroluria: a pathway to the lost diagnosis

Our resident nutrigenomics expert Anne Pemberton shares a case history in which a 23andme test finally unlocked a very difficult case being tackled by a multi-disciplinary team. The test results also stimulated an amazing response from a clients who had been withholding her background of severe stress from long-term abuse. Linda is 32 years old, an actress who is too ill to work. …

Hypothyroid: a nutrigenomics approach

ANNE PEMBERTON, MSc, RGN, PGCE (autism), co-starred with
 Dr Ben Lynch at our April CAM Conference on
Nutrigenomics, and her case history-based 
presentation was a major revelation for many practitioners, who knew the subject was important, but were not sure how it translated into everyday clinical practice. We’ve invited Anne to follow up with a regular series in CAM. Here she …

The Gut Brain Link and Autism

Really enjoyed meeting Sam bearfoot on air to do this interview. Sam is a fascinating person with a huge passion for helping others. Kindred spirits. I hope this offers parents a little light at the end of the tunnel. Click on the title to listen or download to keep for later.