Are you tired all the time? Do you find it hard to get going on a morning? Is your sleep pattern topsy turvy, your brain foggy or you are just plain old “drained”? Are you a practitioner, businessperson, multitasking mother who feels there aren’t enough hours in a day because your energy system lets you down? Would you just like to be the ENERGISER BUNNY?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes then do read on……


The Energy Summit is just for you!

The summit is so different from any other summit you may have listened to. It takes functional medicine to the next level by incorporating whole mind-body perspectives. The content is so unique I can guarantee you will go away with those Lightbulb Moments that listening to world renowned speakers. The content is geared towards anyone who wants to learn more about optimising their energy but also to practitioners who would love the whole body and mind perspective.

You really cannot afford to miss this

Nicki Gratrix is an award winning, internationally-renowned Registered Nutritional therapist and health writer. I trained with Nicki at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and her energy was always the attraction. Her ability to delve down into a case and really uncouple the nuts and bolts preventing her clients from gaining wellness. Interestingly Nicki went on to do great things for those with Chronic fatigue while my path took me towards Autism. Coming together at strategic points has shown us so many similarities in the underlying pathology that is now trending in the research.  Being a co-founder of one of the world leading chronic fatigue clinics Nicki is an absolute mine of information. I am so privileged to have been asked to join Nicki as a speaker on the summit. I would like to offer you the opportunity to join Nicki and myself and a host of world renowned speaker to learn how to improve your energy or that of you clients.

1 in 5 people suffer from chronic fatigue at some point in their lives–it’s the most stated symptom in health records. So, it’s time to supercharge your energy! Join me at The Abundant Energy Summit, free and online, August 24-31, 2015!