anne pembertonAnne’s career as a nurse, alongside her personal experience, stands her in good stead for the role she now plays as a Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics practitioner. Working in cardiothoracic intensive care units in both the NHS and private sector exposed her to people who needed heart surgery in order to survive. The distress experienced by those patients and their families made her think seriously about the underlying causes for the conditions requiring this surgery. It is not ground-breaking news that nutrition plays a huge role in cardiovascular disease and yet we don’t really appreciate what can be done and where we can take responsibility for our own health. This was Anne’s starting point.

Autism and Chronic Fatigue

Anne’s passion for nutritional approaches was further fuelled following the birth of a son, later diagnosed with Autism. Being told to “Go away and enjoy the child because he would always be a three year old little boy” was not what she wanted to accept. The seriously disrupted education of her son and her incessant research for answers took its toll and Anne was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This was life changing as Anne started to make connections between the Autism and Chronic Fatigue. She was amazed at the number of symptoms and underlying causes that were similar. By adapting a functional medicine approach both Anne and her son (now adult) have recovered enough to enjoy life again. Interestingly Rich van Kronyenburg is identifying the same scenario. Anne’s son (totally different from predicted) is now able to work. He holds his own Masters degree in Engineering and a responsible role as software engineer for a multinational company. He enjoys being with friends and travels widely.

Launch of genetic testing

Anne has spent her entire adult life following her quest for answers. The launch of genetic testing for the consumer via 23andme brought a new avenue of exploration. Anne has been highly motivated by the way our environment can be manipulated to change the way our genes express themselves. To this end she has undergone further training to offer this to those with complex conditions who may not be achieving the goal they would like. Anne’s areas of special interest include Autism spectrum disorders, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, digestive disease and mental health.

Professional standing

Anne maintains her nursing qualification while adding this to her Psychology Nutrition and teaching qualifications. She has extensive experience as a combined nurse / nutritional therapist in environmental medicine with Dr Damien Downing with whom she recently co-authored the book The Vitamin cure for Digestive Disease. She produces articles for CAM magazine and MCS aware and is a regular conference speaker.

Since 2010 Anne has been the Course Director for the MSc Nutritional Therapy course based at the Northern college of Acupuncture in York where she leads the teaching team, teaches and acts as clinic supervisor in the teaching clinic.

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