Nutrition and DNA


Welcome to our website, offering education and support for those of you who need extra assistance in your quest to combat health challenges.

Information on this website is not medical advice, this should be sought from your doctor or other medical provider. We do not diagnose or treat conditions, we work alongside your doctor providing nutritional and lifestyle advice to support your underlying imbalances.

We offer Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics, Heartmath coaching, NEShealth and Emotional Freedom Techniques in addition to Metabolic Balance. Our holistic approach will be personalised to you, as a partner in your own care. Please feel free to browse our education sections, comment on our blog or book an appointment.

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I suspect if you are reading our page you either are, have or know someone who has and an Autism spectrum disorder. Welcome to the learning zone for others just like you. We are here to educate and support those of you who want to know more. We are here to assist those of you, who firmly believe in the concept of biochemical approaches, to supporting the underlying features of Autism. Our experience spans across 32 years and encompasses practical, nutritional, genetic and environmental aspects that may underlie the condition in you or your relative. We will be talking a lot about the gut/ brain link, oxidative stress and toxin overload, not to mention all the new information on methylation and the effects of over or under methylation on Autism spectrum disorders. If you would like to know more, we would like to share our knowledge and experience so please click through here!

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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a multifaceted disorder that still does not have a firm diagnostic pathway. It is a diagnosis that is not clearly understood, which allows it to be easily passed off as “depression” or “psychosomatic”. It is neither of these conditions, although depression could be expected as a secondary comorbidity. We have worked with hundreds of people suffering CFS and what we see are people who have often led very active lives who suddenly are unable to undertake more than 10% of their previous activities. Imagine being at the top of your career ladder and running marathons in your spare time only to be struck down suddenly, with no obvious avenue to recovery. How would you feel / think / act? If you know the answer to this or you know someone else who does please click through here to learn more!

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Nutrigenomics and functional medicine

Functional medicine and Nutrigenomics are the tools we use to assist us with the assessment and planning of our approaches to wellness. Our approach treats you as an individual and your body as a whole entity that relates positively or negatively with its environment. The functional medicine model allows us to uncover the underlying causes of health differences through careful history taking, physical examination and functional laboratory testing. Using functional medicine and Nutrigenomics allows us to test genes in order to use food and nutrition to encourage appropriate expression of those genes. A prime example of this is methylation genes such as methyltetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) or methylation. If you would like to see what functional medicine could do for you and be a partner in your own care, we would love to work with you. Please click through here to learn more.

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We believe the relationship between client and practitioner is key to success. If you would like to try before you buy please email, text or call to arrange a free of charge fifteen-minute chat. We cannot give health advice until we have completed a full functional assessment on your case. This chat is to ensure you are comfortable with the process and comfortable in choosing to work with us.