Vitamin B12 injections

Vitamin B12 is almost the magic potion in my clinical practice. I see patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical, electro or food sensitivities and environmental illness, Autism spectrum disorders, and neurological problems such as depression, delusion, multiple sclerosis, dementia, developmental delay, diabetic neuropathy, transient ischaemic attacks and dear old heart disease. Not to mention infertility. What do they all have …


Biliary sludge: why the gall bladder may be key to improving detoxification

In cases of biliary stasis, detoxification can be problematic for the client and the therapist, so improving biliary flow should be a consideration.
 Biliary tract disease is on the increase with cholangiocarcinoma occurring in 65% of cases with recurring symptoms from gallstones in the over-65s. Patients who fall into the “fair, fat, forty and fertile” category are also at increased risk. Alteration …